Wednesday, 5 May 2010

'Anti-ginger bullies forced our daughter out of school'

After seeing that M.I.A. video the other day they want to keep her indoors for safety's sake, or consider investing in a balaclava.

Mother left bedbound by N cup breasts has operation to remove 2.5 stone of flesh from her chest


Facebook vigilante posts 6,000 photos of convicted paedophiles and sex offenders online as 'invaluable tool for parents'

"On a couple of occasions I have had paedophiles try and hunt me down. I guess it's an occupational hazard" 

I don't think you're their type, sweetheart.

What, no swings? Families' fury after council spends £70,000 on 'deathtrap playground which looks like a cemetery'

Sorry for the delayed updates, I've been moving house. This one looks like a stock photo for a Childline advert doesn't it? It does make you wonder what the photographer said to get the kid looking so glum - "There's been a terrible accident, yer mam and dad are dead....that's it, stop still now"